Why Clothing Production Empowers Women

An estimated 100 million people are enjoyed in the fashion industry and 80% of them are women. 

60% of these jobs are in developing countries. In Bangladesh and Vietnam alone, Oxfam found that less than 1% of these workers were paid a living wage. 

Putting money directly in the hands of women is a proven way to lift communities out of poverty. For every 1 women lifted above the poverty line, she brings another 7 people with her. 

I will never forget when one of my mentors explained why she thought ethical fashion mattered. She said that fair trade products are important, but clothing, there is just SO MUCH clothing made every year. If we were to make those jobs ethical and good, ALL THOSE JOBS, that is where real change will happen.

We believe strongly, and have seen first hand, how providing good jobs to women in developing countries who don't typically have access to them is one of the best ways to give them ownership of their own lives rather than being stuck in a cycle of poverty.

I love Trevor Noah's explanation of this in his book, "People love to say, give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he'll eat for a lifetime. What they don't say is...'what would be nice is if you gave him a fishing rod.' That's the part of the analogy that's missing. I realized I needed someone in the privileged world to come to me and say, 'okay, here's what you need and here's how it works.' Talent alone would have gotten me nowhere, I needed Andrew to give me the CD writer. People say, oh that's a handout. No I still have to work to profit by it, but I don't stand a chance without it." I think this is a perfect way to explain fair trade production, it is giving them tools and opportunities!

Thank you for empowering with your purchases!!