Our Team

Our Team


DeeDee - Wholesale Accounts Manager

DeeDee and I have been friends since college - she is one of the kindest and smartest people you will ever meet.  We have changed tires together, broken into buildings together, and various other shenanigans.  DeeDee taught third grade until she moved with her husband to Coban, Guatemala where they worked in community development for several rural Mayan communities.  Their work in Guatemala helped us find our artisan partners there.  Today DeeDee lives with her husband and two young son in Knoxville.  If you have a wholesale account with us - you probably have had the pleasure of talking to her. - Liz


Melissa - Retail Sales and Shipping Manager

I like to call Melissa a Liz Alig Super Fan because I think she owns more Liz Alig clothing than I do!  Melissa introduced me to the group in Haiti that she has been working with for over fifteen years.  They now produce our apron and clutches made from recycled button down shirts.  She and I have traveled to this very rural village in Haiti numerous times...our deal is she kills the mice and I kill the spiders :).  Truthfully, this women could do anything she wants, yet she chooses to spend several hours a week doing the really boring tasks of shipping orders and managing inventory.  When She is not at Liz Alig, she works as the pastor for a church in Indianapolis and lives in Indy with her husband and two sons. - Liz


Liz - Designer

Liz is the perfect combination of creative adventurer and tenacious, compassionate pioneer. She makes amazing food while never following a recipe but almost always burns the chocolate chip cookies. She’s never met an adventure she did not embrace giving her a record for visiting over 40 countries. She does her weekly grocery shopping at the international mart, her Black Friday shopping at Goodwill, and claims that visiting the hardware store is more daunting than an African market.  She is the woman I go to for fashion advice and a compassionate ear - her life is fueled by a deep integrity, compassion, and desire to fight for justice. - Liz's sister Ruth Ann