Our Design Philosophy


We believe clothing should be effortless - the kind of dresses you can just throw on and look great all day - sweaters that are so comfortable you can live in - and clothing that is unique, easy to layer, and functional (which is why we love pockets!)

We believe clothing production can and should be transparent.

We believe in high quality, sustainable fibers.  As textile nerds we love rich timeless textiles.

We believe the clothing production process can be beautiful!

We believe in slow fashion.  Clothing taken back to its roots.  Garments that may take months to make because the cotton was grown organically and hand woven into fabric then hand dyed and printed and next hand sewn.  Why this extra time?  We have the opportunity to give more people more meaningful jobs.

We believe recycling is important.

We believe in supporting fair trade workshops and co-ops that give back to their communities and workers with education and fair pay.

We believe ethically produced clothing that is made mindfully should be priced accessibly and fairly for both the consumer and producer!

We believe the clothes we choose to wear  does have an impact on the world.

Our goal is to use clothing production to make a positive impact on the world.