How Do I Care for My Clothing?

Suggested care instructions for all garments - for specific instructions visit the piece page.

Heat is the enemy of most good textiles, so we recommend washing all garments on cold water cycle and line drying. This includes all handwoven cotton and recycled polyester pieces.

Hand knit alpaca and wool pieces should be hand washed in cold water and dried flat. 


I Sent an Email, When Will I Get a Response?

We do our best to answer most emails with in 48 hrs.  Please keep in mind we are a small business and do not generally respond over the weekend.  Thanks for your patience!


What is Your Return Policy?

Sorry things did not work for you!  All unworn clothing can be returned for a refund, minus an $8 shipping fee. Send us a message here to get a return shipping label.


How Long will it Take to Get My Order?

Orders are shipped twice a week and typically take around 3-5 days to arrive.  International orders typically take around 2 weeks to arrive  Sorry if there is a delay!  We are a small business and try to get to your order as soon as possible.  Thanks for your patience!

How Long will it take to get my pre-order?

Listed pre-order date on the product page is our best estimate of when a product will ship ; However, this is only an estimate. Customs, shipping, and unforeseen problems producing in developing countries may delay this process. We are not responsible for delayed orders, but you can request a refund if it is past the delivery date and you have not received the item. 


Can I use Multiple Coupon Codes?

Sorry, we can not accept more than one coupon code at a time.


Where do You Get Your Recycled Fabrics?

Liz Alig sources recycled fabrics in a variety of ways - most of it comes from bulk, second hand clothing stores or the equivalent open air market in developing countries.  We use remnants and dead stock fabric from factories. There is a huge amount of second hand clothing that is shipped to developing countries when we are finished with it in the West. We source from these open-air markets where our production takes place. This both encourages their economic growth and reduces the amount of shipping that the raw materials take before they are made into your Liz Alig garment.

We have also learned how to be creative with our sourcing of recycled materials - we recycle things like: flour sacks from Ghana, ikat fabrics from Guatemala, and excess fabrics from factories in El Salvador and Cambodia. 

Are Garments Made from Recycled Fabrics One of a Kind?

No, it will look like the picture online. Most of the garments that we make out of recycled materials are not one of a kind. We recycle a lot of t-shirts so we can produce similar versions of a garment because second hand grey t-shirts are very easy to come by.  Other garments from recycled silk, sweaters, and button down shirts are more one of a kind.  The fabric colors will vary, but the design and spirit of the garment will stay the same.  We think this is something special about using recycled materials - you can have a garment that no one else has.