Fair Pricing

We sell directly to you right here, so we can pay or workers more and give back to the communities where we work while keeping prices fair and accessible to you! 

On average the markup of our products after production, shipping, and tariffs is only x2 these expenses. To give you an idea the typical dress we sell is priced as follows: $15 for fabrics, $15 to seamstress, $9 for production overhead, $6 for shipping and customs. The total of these costs is $45 - we sell the dress here for $90 which covers the design patterns and sizing costs, photography, website, shipping costs, overhead, salaries, and marketing. If you were to purchase this dress at traditional retail (yes even most fair trade boutique brands) it would cost between $180-$225. We choose to price our garments significantly lower because we want to give more work to our seamstress in developing countries and create a marketplace for them directly to consumers (the real meaning of fair trade). 

We are happy to answer questions about our pricing and give you exact numbers of what we pay the people who sew our garments. We do our very best to create a fair marketplace for our producers and our brand.

Thanks for your support!!