5 changes we are making in 2020...

5 changes we are making in 2020...

You guys, we are making a few changes in 2020...

1. Rather than making a new collection twice a year, we will be releasing a new product every 2 weeks (or so). This will help us plan a little better for overstock fabrics we have in stock right now (bringing you the coolest prints).

2. For the past ten years, we have sold our merchandise mostly through local boutiques. We have sold in over 250 incredible stores and brands like ModCloth. But, this year we are shifting our focus to be more of web-based retail platform. This will allow us to give you better prices because we won't be factoring in the high boutique mark-up.

3. This means we won't be offering as many coupon codes. I know, I know : (. But if our prices are lower initially you won't need the coupons, right! If you want to see actual numbers of how our prices are different than your average dress or even average fair trade dress.

4. When I started Liz Alig, I wanted it to help give women in developing countries a way out of poverty and more ownership of their lives. I have a lot of stories to share of women who have gotten degrees, built on to their homes, and sent their kids to prestigious colleges. But I still see them struggling and I think we can do more!

Introducing the HOPE fund. We will donate 50% of our profits to educational programs, scholarships, and interest free loans to women in the communities where we work. Our new business model will allow us to do this and I am really excited about it!

5. Another reason I started this brand, was because I couldn't find clothing that I actually liked that was produced with some glimmer of hope or ethics. The sustainable fashion industry has come a million miles since then, but to be completely honest it is still a bit off. All this to say...I will still be designing clothing that I really like - clothing that is comfortable and feminine AND produced fairly. This won't change!

Your support means so much for the women around the world you support and myself! Thank you!!


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