the 3 most important style tips you will every hear...

the 3 most important style tips you will every hear...

1. These are never a list of rules. Fashion friends is ALL about breaking the rules! (Probably what drew me to it in the first place.) These tips are the science of the mix, the art is finding creative ways to break the rules. Send me a pic of how you break them!

2. Do not ever. ever. ever hear me say you must do x y or z to be beautiful. You are already beautiful. Trite? I know.

I have been reading a ton of women's autobiographies - because you know quarantine - the one common thread, they are all stories of how they found their own voice, purpose, self. This illusive thing that was being drowned out - I realized was their beauty. It didn't matter if the woman was first lady or started a billion dollar business, they all had to discover their own unique sense of beauty in themselves. If you hear one thing from me it is this, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. If you don't feel it, do the hard work to find it (Yes, it's hard work to find). Clothing is a tool in that process. Expressing yourself through style is important, but using it to hide deeper wounds or to put on an image you think the world wants to see - not what I want for you.

3. Find the balance of confidence and comfort. If the reason you are not wearing the red lipstick or the jumpsuit is because you don't think you can pull it off (or even if you think they are too expensive or too something for you) maybe should try those things to get you out of the old comfort zone.

On the flip side - stop listening to the voices that say you need to wear a certain thing and learn what makes you feel your best. This doesn't mean ignoring the skirt you want to wear but think you can't pull off, it means trying it to see what works for you. If you are confident and comfortable you will probably look your best.

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