mastering the art of layering

mastering the art of layering

I love these spring days, but sometimes I have a little trouble deciding what to wear when it's 40 degrees, but going to be 65 and then rain...or in Indiana maybe even snow! So I throw on a lot of layers.

Here are a few tips to make the most of these spring days...

  • Layers should be almost the same length. For example if you are laying a cardigan over a t-shirt, make sure they fall about the same length. Or a chunky sweater with a skirt? Maybe try it with a mini skirt, so the layers are almost the same. Don't cut your body in thirds by wearing a long skirt, tunic length shirt and jacket.
  • Layer either on the top or the bottom, but not both. If you are wearing a blazer with a cardigan and tank top - pair it with skinny jeans. Or maybe you wanna wear legwarmers, boots and leggings - throw a thin sweater in the mix.
  • Mix textures! Some of the best laying happens when you mix the same color in different fabrics. Cream corduroys with a beige wool blazer!!
  • A Monochrome color palette is an easy rule to follow. Light blue with navy and jeans - shades of grey or beige.
  • Mixing neutral colors is always a safe bet. You probably should still match your shoes with your belt with your bag, but I love mixing black and brown garments together!
  • If you wanna add a print, choose one to be safe. But if you wanna be a little risky mix a couple of prints - it works if you have a subtle print like a very small polka-dot with a bolder floral. Please don't mix two crazy floral!
  • Have fun with it! Mix a couple of garments that you would never think together, you might be surprised.

Photo by the lovely @leotilovely

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