how to style a chunky sweater without feeling frumpy

how to style a chunky sweater without feeling frumpy

Love a chunky sweater!

I am an eternally cold person, so there is nothing better than finding a sweater that is basically a blanket to throw on. Even though this piece is incredibly cozy and warm, sometimes it can be hard to pull off without feeling a little frumpy. Here are a few outfit ideas for your favorite chunky sweater...

1. Pair your chunky sweater with a mini skirt or skinny pencil skirt. Fashion is all about balance; balance the over sized sweater with a tighter skirt. If it's too cold for that business add tights. It is ok if there is only about a couple of inches showing of the skirt - maybe just make sure it is showing a bit :).

2. This same rule works with skinny jeans or leggings. Pair this combo with heels or less casual boots. Show a peep of skin at the ankle. 

3. Add a skinny belt to the sweater and pair with a flowy skirt or flair jeans. A great hourglass look! Try this same look without the belt and tuck in just the front of the sweater. 

4. Add a tunic or button down shirt with the tails under the sweater. It should be about an inch or two past the sweater and pair with a tight skirt, leggings, or skinnies.

5. Monochrome ya'll. An all grey look with a chunky sweater is an easy way to make an incredibly comfortable sweater look chic.

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