how to style a chunky cardigan

how to style a chunky cardigan

Meet the lovely Sophie a creative director from South Korea...highly recomment checking out her other sustainable fashion ideas at @style_by_kreativflux on Instagram! She helped us style our new Jill Cardigan and here are some tips for styling a chunky cardigan...


1. Not only is the cardigan back (thanks Taylor!), but the turtleneck is back in style as well. Pair them together with some jeans or a skirt. My favorite fair trade and organic cotton turtleneck by Kotn is here.

2. Feeling a little frumpy in the over-sized sweater? Belt it. Just make sure you don't add too many lines. I love how Sophie added a belt over the sweater, but at the same line where the skirt starts. Another favorite way to wear a chunky cardigan is belted with a dress that falls to a similar length as the cardigan.

3. Such a classic: button up shirt with a cardigan. I don't usually love buttons with buttons, but this is a classic combo - difficult to mess up :). 

Finally, this doesn't need mentioning, but try wearing a cardigan completely buttoned like a pullover. Gives you double the outfit combos.

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