how to mix statement pieces - 5 tricks of the trade

how to mix statement pieces - 5 tricks of the trade

You guys, I love a good statement pieces! In fact my closet is made up of statement pieces and incredibly plain basics, but I get it...statement pieces can easily go from a piece you get a million complements on to a look that looks like you are trying way too hard. So here are a few tips for styling your favorite statement pieces.

1. Make the statement piece the queen of the show. If you have a statement necklace, let it shine (literally :) ). Wear it with a black turtleneck basic. Statement jacket? Pair it with a plain navy dress.

2. Fashion is all about balance. You want the statement piece to stand out, but do make sure it balances with the rest of your outfit. The colors shouldn't match exactly, but there should be some kind of flow.

3. An easy rule to stick to is one statement piece per outfit, but if you are really keen to wear the brightly colored striped socks AND the bedazzled clutch - a good rule is to pair monochrome tones. A navy clutch with blue striped socks works.

4.Its incredibly cliche, but you guys, I'm gonna say it...stay true to your own style. Sure, please flirt with the line, but everyone can tell when you don't feel comfortable wearing something. A statement piece should be bold or dripping with detail, but it doesn't need to look tacky or uncomfortable.

5. And yes, I'm gonna slightly contradict what I just said. I love when someone asked a blogger (so sorry I do not remember who said this) when asked how to wear red lipstick. The blogger said, "You literally just put it on your face." Same is true with statement pieces. If you have been eyeing that striped jumpsuit for a while and you think you just can't pull it off - friends just put the jumpsuit on and try it! You might be surprised.



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