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how to dress like you walked out of an Anthropologie catalog

I have always loved Anthropologie, walking in their store feels like traveling around the world - I get so much inspiration. There is also no better compliment than when I hear people tell me my clothes remind them of for all of you who love their style as much as I do, but can not afford to shop there all the time (or want to shop more sustainably) - here are a few tips to pull off their boho look.

  • Mix Prints! Anthro is not afraid of prints. Mix a couple of prints or textures and stripes. Stick to a few rules when mixing prints so it doesn't get out of hand: use polka dot as a solid, play around with colors in the same color family or mix monochrome prints, choose a large print with a small print, remember texture is a subtle form of print.
  • Fit is important. An easy way to make your clothing look expensive is to buy garments that fit you correctly.
  • Mix very fitted/structured items with flowy pieces. High waist tailored pants with a loose crop top or pencil skirt + loose button down or fitted T with a flowy midi skirt.
  • Anthro is all about statement pieces. Add a couple of high quality statement pieces to your wardrobe that you know you will keep around for years and you love wearing.
  • Boho style is all about comfort. If you are not comfortable you aren't doing it right :)
  • Vintage + Retro. Add a couple of vintage pieces to your wardrobe. If you notice there are a lot of classic silhouettes at Anthro - 1950's hourglass looks, 60's shift dresses, 70's flare pants, 80's get the picture.
  • Anthro is all about the subtly feminine, so add in a couple of girly touches. pink, pearl earrings, pumps, idk.
  • Add accessories. Want an easy way to make any outfit look more boho? Add a basket bag, hat, or bangles.
  • AND lastly...layer.

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