holiday outfit ideas that are easy + memorable

holiday outfit ideas that are easy + memorable

You are going to that holiday party where you see that aunt that you see once a year. I get it you don't really care, but you wanna make an impression, because again, you see them once a year. Memorable + easy that is the goal here. Here are 5 of my go to holiday party outfits...

1) Find a silk or similar full skirt and pair with with a chunky sweater. You can tuck in the front of the sweater or just leave it as more of a casual look. Incredibly comfortable and it has a bit of an edge. 

2) Find a jumpsuit! Thankfully, unlike several years ago, most people have worn a jumpsuit and are no longer freaking out about the amount of time it takes them in the bathroom. Friends you save that amount of time deciding what to put on your body. Find a jumpsuit. Our recycled dead-stock velvet Savannah Jumpsuit is one of my favorites. Feels like you are wearing pajamas, looks really cool!

3) Pair a pair of dark wash skinny jeans with a cashmere sweater and heals. My favorite place to find a cashmere sweater is the men's department at Goodwill. They are surprising easy to spot and perfectly baggy!

4) LBD. I know it's cliche, but there is a reason that the Little Black Dress became famous. Pair a black sweater dress, black wrap dress, or black maxi jersey dress with a funky boho bag or more than you would usually wear gold jewelry. 

5) Lastly...think 60's swing dress with tights or leggings. Short tunic or dress, but try to find a piece that is woven with a little texture (this is not the jersey tunic and leggings look this is cooler).

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