3 tips for building a sustainable wardrobe

3 tips for building a sustainable wardrobe

I hear a lot from people say things like..."I would love to shop more ethically, but I don't have the time to research fair trade brands and everything sustainable is SO expensive!"


While this can be true, building a more sustainable and fair wardrobe is a lot easier than most people imagine, and no, you don't have to be independently wealthy to do so. Here are a few tips for building that wardrobe...


1) The most sustainable wardrobe is the one you already have! I know - not really very exciting, but it true that learning how to keep the garments you already own for longer, is the #1 way to be more sustainable. Learn how to mend your clothes, trade garments with a friend for a refresh, and periodically recycle pieces in your wardrobe you forgot about by learning how to style them differently.


2) Buy second hand! Buying second hand doesn't have to mean spending hours at a thrift store. If there is a brand you like, search for garments on ThreadUp or Poshmark. 3 wardrobe staples that I am still convinced are BETTER second hand than new: linen pants, cashmere sweaters, and wool coats. Add these to your wardrobe rn and you can thank me later.


3) When you are ready to make a purchase, make it something you know you will wear for years. This doesn't necessarily mean an incredibly plain staple piece, but do make sure it is higher quality (natural high quality fibers), fits you well, makes you look really good in your own skin, AND you feel comfortable in it. Ie. Maybe spend a little more for fewer garments.


If you want a list of ethical companies that I have visited their factories personally or know first hand they are working to develop a more fair supply chain - here is my list. (Please note it is not inclusive just some of my favorites.)

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