21 style trends of 2021

21 style trends of 2021

In honor of a new year - here are 21 trends to add a little refresh to your wardrobe...

1. Color blocked pieces

2. Especially in basic, bright colors like fuchsia, teal, and kelly green. Think 2011

3. If you don't like those colors - anything in the Pantone Color(s) of the Year: grey and yellow

4. Wanna be very specific? A yellow hand bag.

5. Trousers

6. Floor length dresses and pants + high waist

7. Feminine...but with a twist. Pleated skirts with hoodies, heels with jogger pants, and floral or folk dresses with sneakers. A wink to quarantine style.

8. Paired sets - i.e. pjs that you can wear for the zoom call

9. Or the matching track set

10. Stripes

11. Platform and chunky shoes

12. The statement sleeve

13. Oversized boyfriend jacket or blazer. An easy gem to find at a second hand store.

14. Sustainable fashion!!

15. House shoes

16. The happy dress (yep, I'm gonna call it that. It's a take on the house dress of last year in a brighter color with puffier sleeves and more ruffles). I think I'm a fan.

17. Black face masks

18. Tight fitting tops - a turtleneck that looks like a second skin

19. Paired with baggy denim

20. Monochrome anything

21. Finally, outdoor or beach style 24/7. The 2020 trend of being outside more brought into fashion >> rain boots with skirts, bright tropical prints, and a more practical fashion.


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