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Sustainable Style Tips

How to Style a Jumpsuit...When It's Not Warm Enough to Wear a Jumpsuit

Posted by Liz Roney on 2nd Mar 2020

I love a good jumpsuit, but I don't love to freeze. Unfortunately, most jumpsuits are only good in weather 70 degrees and up and are not the easiest to style for every other day.Here are a few of my styling tips for jumpsuits on those other days with our Lolie Jumpsuit.1. Add a denim jacket. This works with most any jumpsuit for a cold spring or fall day.2. Add a basic black or grey or white t underneath the jumpsuit. Here it matches, but as long...
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How to Style Wide Legged Pants

Posted by Liz Roney on 19th Mar 2019

Been hanging out in NY the last several weeks and according to everyone here - the wide legged crop pant is what you should be wearing right now! If you are kind of stuck in a groove after wearing skinny jeans for years, here are a few tips for styling wide legged pants... Tuck in your top. These pants work when there is a little balance and tucking in your shirt or wearing a belt is a great way to give you a balanced silhouette....
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How to Style Tights

Posted by Liz Roney on 20th Jan 2019

Been updating our website this week - apparently the second most viewed page on our site is my blog post giving tips of when to wear leggings and when to wear tights, so thought I would pass along a few more suggestions for styling tights this season... Tights, my friends, are coming back...the bright yellow, cabled grey, and plain old opaque black tights are all back! If you are uncomfortable with bright colored tights, try a pair w...
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