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Sustainable Style Tips

​What is slow fashion and why is it worth your money?

Posted by Jordan Horwat on 16th Jul 2020

Liz Alig is not just any fashion brand. It’s a community built upon amazing values, many of which are inspired by the concept of slow fashion. That’s probably why you’re here!As a conscious consumer, you’ve heard the term slow fashion so many times. You know it’s a good thing. But what exactly is it?Well, slow fashion was the original fashion — before the industrial revolution. It just didn’t get its name until after fast fashion took over...
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Elephants and Entrepreneurs

26th Feb 2015

We love the story behind our new Holyn Shirt coming this Spring!This t-shirt was printed by Jonathan from Honduras. Last year Jonathan was among an estimated 100,000 kids and teens from Central America illegally trying to cross into the States. Most of these children were sent by their parents to get out of the extreme poverty and gang violence in their own countries. Like most of these teens, Jonathan witnessed horrific conditions on his jour...
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