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Sustainable Style Tips

3 Things to Remember Whatever the Trends

2nd Jul 2020

This summer I am doing a series of 3 style tips. For starters here are maybe the 3 most important style tips I've got for you...1. These are never a list of rules. Fashion friends is ALL about breaking the rules! (Probably what drew me to it in the first place.) These tips are the science of the mix, the art is finding creative ways to break the rules. Send me a pic of how you break them!2. Do not ever. ever. ever hear me say you must do x y or z...
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15 Things from NYC

Posted by Liz Roney on 4th May 2019

Had the opportunity to live in ny for the past couple of months. I have always loved ny and was grateful for the time I got to spend there overhearing the weirdest conversations working from a new coffee shop every day...1. Life is hard and we are all just doing the best we can. (Same for everyone everywhere, but we won’t tell the New Yorkers that).2. Hardest thing to accept that people can be both incredibly good and kind and the same person ca...
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The Devil is in the Details

Posted by Miranda Simon on 14th Jul 2016

 The Devil is in the Details- A behind the scenes look into the production process of fair trade fashion -When talking about fair trade fashion words, the most common words said are ethical standards, empowerment, artisans, sustainable, etc.… which are all fair (pun intended) and good, however do we really know what these words even mean? Do we really understand what fair trade fashion is? All the extra steps and time people take when...
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