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Sustainable Style Tips

Blythe from The Honey Print Styles a Few of our Favorites

30th Mar 2020

One sentence tell me what you do: I teach fifth grade English at a small school in Nashville, and I write and produce my lifestyle blog, The Honey Print. What do you do for inspiration when you are in a creative rut? I either go for a walk, as fresh air often clears my mind and makes way for new ideas, or I turn to others for inspiration. I read a blog I admire (typically A Cup of Jo) or an engaging book, both of which u...
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The Impact of Fair Trade for the Women Who Sew Our Clothes

Posted by Liz Roney on 5th Aug 2019

I recently spent a few weeks in Honduras with the group who produces our recycled t-shirts clothing. Mi Esperanza is an NGO that provides free skills courses to women who are living in extreme poverty in the capital Tegucigalpa. They offer 6 month programs in sewing, salon, computer, and have started a jewelry workshop. I actually interned at this little spot and then produced my first collection of 100 dresses with them ten years ago. Going...
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Altering Expectations: Fair Trade Fashion in Guatemala

Posted by Melissa Millis on 9th Oct 2018

ROOKIE EXPECTATIONSMost of you don’t know me; my name’s Melissa. I work behind the scenes at Liz Alig. Nothing fancy: I ship orders and keep inventory updated. Sometimes I squeeze into the extra small sized samples to model for catalogs. For the most part, you could say I pretty well keep Liz organized and freed to do what she does best – design clothes and work directly with the groups of women she employs all over the world. While I know quite...
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