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Sustainable Style Tips

3 Things to Remember Whatever the Trends

2nd Jul 2020

This summer I am doing a series of 3 style tips. For starters here are maybe the 3 most important style tips I've got for you...1. These are never a list of rules. Fashion friends is ALL about breaking the rules! (Probably what drew me to it in the first place.) These tips are the science of the mix, the art is finding creative ways to break the rules. Send me a pic of how you break them!2. Do not ever. ever. ever hear me say you must do x y or z...
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Black Lives Matter in Fashion

6th Jun 2020

I sat on a cracked concrete floor watching in disbelief with a group of girls in their young teens.The smell of Africa was in the air: a mix of humidity and propane and excitement and BO.Each time a horrific image came on the screen the girls would shriek and look closer to see if there was anyone they knew in the crowd, on the ground…covered in blood. These were scenes of these girls’ hometown (or slum). Police were dragging people out of t...
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Handwoven Patricia Pants Styled 3 Ways with Noonday Accesories

12th May 2020

Meet the perfect pants, comfy enough to be pjs, but pass for the office. Our Patricia Pants are made in India with handwoven cotton.We asked Katie to style these pants with some of her favorite Noonday Collective pieces and to share a few words of wisdom...Who inspires you right now?  "I work at the local children’s hospital as a child life specialist so I am constantly in awe of my patients and their families. The strength they...
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