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Sustainable and Recycled Textiles

Rich textiles are such a huge part of our design process!

Our collections are composed of handwoven cotton ikat, locally sourced alpaca, upcycled pre-consumer denim, handwoven organic cotton, recycled button-down-shirts, hand spun and naturally dyed wool, mounds of recycled t-shirts, incredibly high quality pima cotton, farmer sourced wool from Portugal, and upcycled old flour sacks (yes, like your grandma did).

Each design is created for the textile incorporated. We use the opportunity to celebrate and preserve age old weaving techniques by incorporating them into more modern designs. 

Since 2009, we have recycled over 50,000 pieces of discarded textiles into new designs. Our innovative recycling design techniques mixed with handwoven and embroidery techniques have been recognized in publications like Better Homes and Gardens and featured in ModCloth.

Each year more than 15 million tons of textile waste is generated in the US. About half of this is shipped to developing countries to be sold second hand there (many of which are barely worn garments). Our seamstresses go to their local markets - where these garments are being re-sold. They will have a shopping list of something like 200 grey t-shirts or 500 blue button-down-shirts. The garments are then thoroughly cleaned, new pattern pieces are cut out of portions that are not worn, and a new piece is created. We also design with recycled dead-stock fabrics and upcycled denim fibers that are re-woven as the photo below.

We think it is not only important for our sewing production to be fair, but for the textiles incorporated to be sustainably created as well.