Liz Alig Philosophy, Fair Trade, Ethical Clothing
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Liz Alig Philosophy, Fair Trade, Ethical Clothing



Liz Alig is dedicated to creating clothing that is both fashion forward and ethical. We do this by working with a variety of fair trade producers around the globe and using eco-friendly fabrics including: organic cotton, hand woven fiber, and recycled material.

Making sure that the clothing that we make is fashion-forward is very important - we hope that you will want to buy it even before you find out the story behind it.

We believe strongly in the entire production process being ethical - starting with the fabric.  It can be a challenge to find the origin of most fabrics, so we have become creative in our use of textiles.  A large portion of Liz Alig clothing is made from 100% recycled materials. This means that we take old or unwanted clothing, deconstruct it, and make the fabric into a completely new garment.  This form of upcycling ensures that our process starts ethically from the very beginning and in a small way, diminishes textile waste.  We also use recycled ikat from Guatemala, hand woven natural fibers, 100% organic and fair trade cotton, and factory excess fabrics.

Liz Alig is dedicated to fair trade practices.  We do this by partnering with NGOs and women's cooperatives that have likeminded goals of empowering those living in poverty, paying a fair wage for work, and training women to become more economically independent.  We think that fair trade also means linking the producer with the consumer and helping tell the story of the people who make our clothes, as well as, donating a portion of our sales back to developing countries to support the skills training of women.

Our Promise to You

Here are a few things that we promise to you the consumer, as well as, our producers:

1) Good Working Conditions. We will insure those producing Liz Alig clothing and accessories have good working conditions and a good wage.

2) Respect and Sustainability. As part of our desire to cultivate the economy of developing countries, we will seek to encourage their ideas and promote their own business opportunities.  We treat our producers with respect while promoting sustainability rather than feeding into a cycle of poverty.

3) Giving back. This includes giving back with skills training, as well as, giving a portion of our sales directly back to producer groups.

4) Fashionable. Fair trade and fashionable are two words generally not used in the same sentence; however, we do our best to make clothes that you want to buy even before you hear their story.  Comfortable.  Fashion-forward.  High Quality.  Flattering.  Cute.

5) Communication. Linking the consumer with the producer is an important part of our mission; therefore, we will let you know where and how your garment is made.  It is our pleasure to tell the stories of the people who make your clothes.

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