The Liz Alig Story of Fair Trade and Ethical Practices
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The Liz Alig Story of Fair Trade and Ethical Practices

Our Story


Liz Alig is the story of a young designer working to make clothing that is ethical from fabric to sewing while on trend and fashion forward.  

This story begins a few years ago when, for the first time Elizabeth Roney, founder of Liz Alig, put a face behind the poeple who make the things we buy in stores.  While visiting a few factories in Nairobi, Kenya, Liz saw an old man sitting on top of a pile of tires while hand sewing shoes made out of these tires. It was not necessarily the conditions he was working in, but for some reason this was the first time that she has ever considered who makes most of our clothing.  This realization and her travels in many other developing countries brought her to conclude that the people who make our clothes generally have difficult lives.  This began her infatuation with reading the 'made in...' tags sewn in clothes and searching for clothing that she wanted to wear, but paid fair wages to those producing it.  This search many times came up empty handed.

With a background in fashion design, Elizabeth set off to create her own line of clothing that filled these needs.  The first challenge came in sourcing fabrics that would fit these credentials, so Elizabeth started experimenting with recycling old/unwanted clothing and creating a completely new silhouette.  After realizing that upcycling textiles is a wonderful way to design clothing, it has become a primarily source of fabrics for the Liz Alig line. 

Our first collection of dresses was made by Mi Esperanza in Tegucigalpa, Honduras from recycled vintage fabrics.  This organization teaches underprivileged Honduran women skills so that they could become economically independent and help themselves out of poverty.

As we have grown, we have began to produce with over ten different groups all over the world - this is our goal - to find similar groups that not only pay fair wages, but are working to help people out of poverty.  Liz Alig now works with co-ops and production facilities in Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Ghana, India, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Nepal, and USA. 

Liz Alig clothing is vintage inspired with little added design details - pockets are our absolute favorite thing.  Elizabeth works as the design head from a small studio in Indianapolis. The June 2010 Nashville Lifestyle Magazine stated Liz Alig “has really taken off in boutiques in the South and her native Midwest, and it’s easy to see her popularity growing…the clothes are young, vintage-inspired, fun, wearable, and definitely in your budget.” You can find the Liz Alig label in several stores throughout the country.

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