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Meet Liz


Hey guys, Liz here - the person who designs these clothes. Or as I said on live television, "I'm the designer, so I do the designing." On my adventures, in an effort to create a line that is produced with a story of hope from fiber to sewing, I have experienced a whole lot!

We have recycled over 8 TONS of textiles waste (which means figuring out how to transport and sort literally thousands and thousands of pieces of discarded clothing). I have worked alongside the women who make our clothes in Honduras and India and Haiti; watching their families and them grow is such an honor!

I am forever exploring new places, always inspired by genuine people, and think laughter has a way of fixing most things. I love creating food (or honestly anything for that matter - music, the occasional sand castle) and my super power is transforming the ugliest, most unwanted things into beautiful. 

I also really love clothes. 

I started making my own clothes when I had a picture in my mind of what I wanted, but couldn’t find it anywhere. I think the perfect dress or sweater has a transformative power—clothes that are not fussy, comfortable and yet you feel good in them. I also strongly believe in the power the production of our clothing has on the world.

Thanks for helping support the amazing women who make our clothes!