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Fair Trade Brands We Love + Have Great Gift Ideas!

22nd Nov 2019

Fair Trade Brands We Love + Have Great Gift Ideas!

Here are a few fair trade brands we love. They are not only producing products mindfully and in fair trade conditions, but they also are mindful about where they source their raw materials - something we think is super important! AND they are all creating really beautiful products! 

Six of our favorites rights here...all with incredibly gift ideas too!

Anchel Project - a not-for-profit that works to empower women in India. They produce beautiful bedding and home goods with organic cotton and recycled saris. 

Indego Africa - creates incredible baskets out of local raw materials and uses funds from the sales for women's education and empowerment. 

Insecta Shoes - I recently happened upon this incredible shoe company. They up-cycle fabrics into adorable oxfords while also using vegan materials. Handmade in Brazil!

Liz Alig - We are pretty cool :) We design collections with recycled and handwoven textiles then partner with small women's cooperatives in seven countries to produce the collections. Our goal is to give hope and make beautiful statement pieces.

Sseko Designs - Sseko partners with several groups, but the started making sandals with a small group of women in Uganda with a goal of helping these girls go on to university. An incredible model!

Tonle - Tonle has always been an incredible company to me. They have a small fair trade workshop in Cambodia and are a zero waste facility. Scraps are re-worked into new designs and even the threads are made into paper!