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Liz Alig is a fashion label that was created to provide consumers with clothing that is fair trade, ethical, AND fashionable. We do this by creating fashion forward collections and partnering with organizations around the world to produce the clothing.  Our focus is to create each collection ethically from fabric to sewing so we start with fabrics like recycled materials, organic cotton, hand woven textiles, factory excess cut-offs, and locally sourced natural fibers. Next we partner with over 10 fair trade organizations and co-ops around the world to produce the clothes.  Because we believe strongly that fair trade is a way to empower those living in poverty, we give a portion of our sales back to NGOs in developing countries to promote skills training of women.

What is Fair Trade?

All of our garments are produced using standards of fair trade which means that we not only pay a fair wage, but we purposely choose to work with people in developing countries and low income communities to encourage their economic growth.

Ethical Fabrics

We believe strongly in the importance of ensuring the ethics of each garment starting with the fabric we source.  Because of this, many of our garments are made from 100% recycled materials. This means that the fabric for the garment was previously anything from t-shirts to vintage dresses. We upcycle these garments and give them a new life by deconstructing them and making a completely new, fashion forward garment. 

Many countries around the world have a rich culture of native and ethnic textiles.  Liz Alig incorporates these patterns and fabrics in our collections as a way to incorporate these culture's vibrant look, as well as, source ethical fabric.  Some of our favorites are Guatemalan Ikat, Cambodian Tie-Dyed Silk and Ghanan Batik.

Another way that we source ethically is by working with 100% fair trade and organic cotton from India, 100% cotton and Pima cotton that is locally sourced from Bolivia - these are not only biodegradable, but also high quality fabrics.  Other garments in our collection are created from factory cut-offs and excess fabrics from large factories in Cambodia and El Salvador.  Lastly we work with groups in Nepal and Guatemala who hand weave silk, cotton, banana fiber, and wool into beautiful sweaters and scarves.