We think it is important to not only ensure ethical production of our garments, but to also be responsible for the raw materials we use.  Tracking a garment from the seed of the plant to the final sewing of a garment can be quite a challenge!  So, we have gotten creative in our use of resources and have fallen in love with traditional handwoven fabrics.  There is a long heritage of handwoven textiles in many countries and we love the ability and preserve these age old traditions. 

We also have a strong commitment to using natural fabrics.  In Bolivia we source the finest Pima Cotton that is sought after all around the world for it's quality and softness.  In Peru we source baby alpaca from small farmers in the Andes mountains, in Nepal we source super soft wool that is naturally hand dyed, and in India we source cotton from small producers that is then handwoven and hand block printed with our designs.  We value the extra time it takes to source our raw materials from people we know and have worked with for years.