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At Liz Alig we not only design fun fair trade fashions, but also we are dedicated to helping others get involved in the ethical fashion movement. We believe that we can all make choices to make our world a better place for those who produce our clothing.

Here are some ideas we have for how you can get involved in the ethical fashion movement...

1) One of the main ways that unethical practices go on in the fashion and clothing industry is that consumers do not know anything about where or how the products they buy are made. You can research companies to find those with goals similar to your own.  You can do this through company ratings like ones on this site.

2) Buy fair trade clothing. The consumer ultimately supports the companies that they buy from, so buy from fair trade companies.

3) Recycle your unwanted textiles. 97% of textiles are recyclable; drop them off at a charity shop or recycling center rather than throwing them away.  Click here for more on why you should recycle textiles.

Get involved with what we are doing at Liz Alig...

1) Have an idea for us? We would love to hear your design ideas for fair trade and recycled products.

2) Tell someone about Liz Alig and what we are doing.

3) You can always buy Liz Alig products!  Find a store here or shop online.

5) Host a Liz Alig trunk show.

6) Become a Brand Representative.  Liz Alig is looking for people who are excited about our mission and would like to tell our story.  

7) Volunteer with Liz Alig.  You can volunteer at our location in Indianapolis or help with our various shows around the country.  Contact us for more info.

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