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Fair Pricing


We sell directly to you right here on our website so that we can pay or workers more and give back to the communities where we work. 

These are not the exact numbers of a $100 dress purchase, but an average representation of different avenues of sales. (We are not guaranteeing your favorite brand falls into these categories, but after working in the industry for over a decade - these numbers are pretty accurate in most cases.)

There is a lot of value in selling wholesale through small boutiques, but after selling this way for over ten years we found that as a brand we were losing money because we still paid our producers the amount listed above and designed with the same high quality textiles and fibers - making our margins basically zero. We had to choose to either somehow cut costs in production or find a new avenue of sales in which the margins were not as low.  

We made the difficult decision to take out wholesale and sell directly to you here on our website. This way we are able to offer much higher quality materials at a cheaper than average price AND give back to our producer groups. Something that is incredibly rare even in the sustainable and fair trade industry because brands are competing in an industry where margins are so incredibly low. (We offer a unique wholesale option to stores who would still like to partner with us.)

We are happy to answer questions about our pricing and give you exact numbers of what we pay the people who sew our garments. We do our very best to create a fair marketplace for our producers and our brand.