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Ethical Clothing Guide

We would love to send you a copy of our ethical clothing guide. A booklet with over 100 of our favorite sustainable + fair trade brands with tabs to help you look for jeans or shoes or leggings. Add your email here and we will send an updated version in a couple of weeks.





Here is the short list to my favorites: These are places that I have actually visited their factories or know first hand they are people who are respected in the industry...they are asking hard questions and looking for answers to incredibly difficult questions. These people are trying hard to track their entire supply chain—something I think is incredibly important AND still really rare. Plus, I actually wear their clothing.

Ace and Jig - Handwoven Indian Statement Pieces

Alabama Chanin - Organic Cotton, Hand Embroidered Garments

Allbirds - The Most Comfortable Sneaker

Kowtow - Really Cool New Zealend Company

Known Apparel - Organic Cotton Apparel from Peru

Liz Alig :)

Maggie's Organics - Organic Cotton Basics

Rachel Comey - NY Based Slow Fashion Designer

Patagonia - Outerwear Made Mindfully

People Tree - The Pioneer In Fair Trade Fashion

Poshmark - Second Hand is the Most Sustainable

Tonle - Zero Waste Apparel

Tribe Alive - Flowing Styles