Eco-Fabrics Used by Liz Alig
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Eco-Fabrics Used by Liz Alig

Eco Fabrics


It was one of our initial goals to be able to track the production of our clothing from the very beginning - which is why we started our line upcycling old clothes.  Now we use a variety of innovative eco fabrics including: recycled t-shirts and button downs, recycled ikat, hand woven silk, hand woven recycled cotton fibers, hand woven wool and banana fiber, organic cotton, and pima cotton. 

The culture of the many countries that we work with brings its own vibrant textiles and traditions that we work to integrate into our clothing while keeping a Western aesthetic.  This is one way we can celebrate and learn about their culture.  We use traditional ikat, tie dying, batik, hand-blocked print, and hand embroidery in our designs.

These are the three main ways that we source our fabrics to ensure that they are ethical...

#1...Recycled Materials

#2...Organic or Natural Cotton

#3...Hand Woven Fabrics

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