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We think it is important to not only ensure ethical production of our garments, but to also be responsible for the raw materials we use.  Tracking a garment from the seed of the plant to the final sewing of a garment can be quite a challenge!  So, we have gotten creative in our use of resources and have fallen in love with traditional handwoven fabrics.  Here are some of our favorites...



In Ghana we use recycled sheets and hand batik prints on them.  



In El Guatemala and Bolivia we recycle vibrant ikat and embroidered textiles.



In India we hand weave cotton that is then hand block printed from a stencil that is hand carved out of wood and stamped on the fabric hundreds of time. 



In Cambodia we hand weave silk and hand tie dye it using eco friendly dyes.



In Bolivia and Peru we use organic and pima cotton that is grown right there and acclaimed around the world for its quality.


In Nepal and Bolivia we hand spin wool, alpaca, banana fiber (yes banana fiber), and silk.



In Bangladesh we hand weave recycled cotton fibers into rich striped textiles. 



In Haiti we hand embroider unique designs on recycled fabrics and button down shirts.