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Where to Find Fair Trade and Sustainable Beauty Products

Posted by Ali Marie Robbins on

You’ve bought the perfect outfit, and not only is the outfit beautiful on you but you feel amazing in...AND it was ethically made with fair trade practices.  You may start to wonder how to make sure your beauty products are as ethically made as your garments.  Researching each and every beauty product out there is a lot of work!  So, we have done some investigating for you about the best eco friendly, organic, and sustainable products - from makeup to brushes.  Both the where and how a product is made as well as the ingredients used are important to us, so we included brands that adhere to these principles and listed other things that are probably important to you such as organic and cruelty free products.  


First up we have Lush, a UK brand that has gone to great lengths in the past 10 years to develop ethical products of all kinds. Their products span everything from lotions and shaving gels to toothpaste and makeup. Inside the store locations it resembles a bakery of neon colors and creative designs. They aim to make ethical beauty fun and as a bonus they are avid advocates for animal rights.

Founders Mark Constantine and Liz Weir began selling natural beauty products in the 1970's. In 1996 Canadians Mark and Karen Wolverton discovered Lush and within the year had helped Lush open its first international store in Vancouver which has lead to the openings of stores across the continent.

The Body Shop

One of the first supporters of fair trade since 1987. They source their ingredients from 25 community Fair Trade suppliers all around the world. Their motto is to Enrich not Exploit, Enrich the people, Enrich the products, Enrich our planet. This philosophy leads to fantastic products and a company focused on giving back. They even have products for Men.


Odylique Organic

The first brand to be certified to both organic and fair trade standards by Faitrade Foundation and Organic Soil Association. Their organic mineral based makeup line promotes healthy skin and never uses harsh or damaging chemicals, Odylique was originally designed for allergy prone and sensitive skin and for 30 years they have upheld values of sustainability and fair trade. They even exclude common allergens such as lanolin, wheat, dairy and soya derivatives, salicylic acid, peanut oil, common allergen tree nut oils.


Honeystreet Handmade

Honeystreet Handmade is committed to fair trade and sustainability all the way down to the packaging of their products. Although a relatively new fair trade brand their luxurious bath and spa products have proven to be of superb quality and growing in popularity. Their attention to detail includes packaging that is handmade from recycled cotton and screen printed by hand by a Fair Trade unit based in India.

Brand Name
MensLotionsMakeupHair Care
The Body ShopXXXXXXX
Credo BeautyXXXXXXX
Boots ExtractsXXXXXXX
Honeystreet HandmadeXXX
Brand Name
OrganicCruelty Free
Sustainable ingrediants
Fair Trade Certification
The Body ShopXXEthical Trade
Credo BeautyXX
100% PureXX
W3ll PeopleXX
Boots ExtractsX(Boots extract Brand)  Fair Trade USA
Honeystreet HandmadeXXFair Trade USA
OdylqueXXFair Trade Foundation