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Tie Skirt~

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This week, I wanted to feature one of our fair trade items- the Tie Skirt.

The Tie Skirt is made out of recycled materials such as the striped shirt below.

These skirts are put together in Ghana by the Global Mamas, who also make many other garments for us. The Global Mamas are a non-profit organization that encourages women in Ghana to be financially independent. Through working with them and implementing fair trade, we help reduce the inequality of women economically and we also help increase the profits and revenues of women-owned businesses.

The Tie Skirt is made from an eclectic combination of striped and plaid fabric. The fabrics are mostly different and are judged by the warmness or coolness of a color scheme. 

The waistband wrap is made of a solid color so that it can be tied on the front of the skirt. The back of the waistband is elastic so that there is ability for the skirt to stretch. The skirt comes to right above the knee with a full skirt made from different prints.

There are plenty of different versions of the tie skirt from Liz Alig. Here is a few of the colors that they currently come in.

If interested in the Tie Skirt, click HERE!!