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When to Wear Tights and When to Wear Leggings

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A small pet peeve of mine is when women wear tights or leggings incorrectly. So, here are a few tips of when to wear leggings and when to wear tights...
  • First leggings are NOT pants or tights. Although leggings are super comfortable and functional, sometimes they are a little confusing to style. They should not be worn under a dress and are generally not considered professional. So, wear those leggings with long shirts (please cover your derriere) or tunics.
  • Tights should be worn with dresses, shorts, or skirts. Because tights are normally at least a little opaque the length of your top should be to your fingertips or longer.
  • Please remember this is not yoga class - unless you are going to work out or are working out currently maybe don't wear those leggings with your tennis shoes and sweatshirt.
  • Leggings look great with a layered look - a long chambray with a cardigan.
  • Accessories tights with socks and ankle boots, flats, or heels
  • Tights are best for dressy occasions. For Holiday parties maybe stick to the tights or thinner leggings with heels.
The Brittany Sweatshirt Dress is a perfect top for those leggings...perfect length with pockets! Paired with the France Sweater that is hand knit from banana fiber - yes banana fiber (which feels a lot like linen) and then hand knit by our fair trade partner in Nepal.



Our partners in Nepal who hand weave and knit beautiful sweaters from cotton, silk, wool, and banana fiber are getting back to normal after the earthquake that hit several months ago.  Their facility in Kathmandu had minor damage; however many of the producers who work from their own homes in rural Nepal have been damaged.  [...]

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