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Nou Hope~

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The founder and designer of Liz Alig, Elizabeth, is currently in Haiti.  She has been there the entire month working with the global partner that helps us make our clothes for inventory.  Nou Hope is the name of the global partner in the Central Plateau of Haiti that works towards empowerment of their own people. Nou Hope works with rural Haiti so that the people who are part of that community can become self-sustainable.  The drive to being self-sustainable makes the people from Nou Hope create initiative for each other along with great innovation for their products that turn out to be amazing!

By being self-sustainable, the small rural villages of Haiti can afford basic education for their children and family along with being able to afford their basic daily expenses.  With education and a basic income, the people from Nou Hope can develop economically and educationally, which is extremely important for any community around the world.  

Nou Hope hopes to reach their development through working and acquiring tailoring, pottery and jewelry making skills. Liz Alig hopes to work with Nou Hope by developing new designs for the label.  Our current inventory by Nou Hope includes garments and accessories made from recycled button down shirts and Haitian coffee bags.

The above picture displays sets of earrings that have been made from recycled calabash and coconut shell.  Currently, we are working on more designs for jewelry that can be made out of these recycled materials.  Personally, I designed a necklace that has both calabash and coconut shell as the main components of the necklace.  Below, there is a picture of what a calabash looks like when it is a vegetable.  In the U.S this would also be considered a Gourd.  In other countries, these vegetables serve as great material to be carved and shaped.  Bowls, glasses, and many other useful objects can be converted from this calabash just by carving it and modifying it.  

For our new line of accessories, we are going to be adding more jewelry made from recycled materials as well as new designs to be made from button down shirts such as the Cuff Clutch and the Jenny Dress

Liz should be coming back soon at the end of July and I cannot wait to see the new ideas, stories and designs she has to share with us!