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Liz Alig for a Month

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I have been moving a lot recently, so in honor of October being Fair Trade Month - and because I really did not want to move my massive wardrobe again - I decided to wear only Liz Alig clothing for a month!  For someone who has their own clothing line, I don't really wear my own clothing as much as you would's more like I wear pieces a year before they come out to try them out.  This experiment was a little of that, but it also helped me discover new items from the Fall line and a few pieces I will definitely be adding to next Fall's collection.  I gave myself no rules except that all clothing had to be Liz Alig didn't matter if it was from this Season, years ago, or samples.  I was pretty lucky that it was 75 degrees most of October and besides missing jeans and cashmere sweaters - I was pretty content most of the time.  I realized wearing Liz Alig for a month is not practical, but I think it is always a good idea to experiment with a capsule collection, it kind of forces you to be more creative in styling...or you just wear the same things for a month like I did : )  Either way hope this inspires you and please disregard the super awkward poses and bad pictures!

[DAY 1] Randomly re-discovered this sweatshirt at a photoshoot when I was cold - and I love an buy yours next Spring.  Also these Sarah Haram Pants were my go to this month - they are the month comfy pants!  

[DAY 2] I learned the next outfit was maybe not the best choice for hiking, but I do love these shorts coming out in the Spring!  The Victoria Sweater we have now a teal color and a few left of the Tirsa Tank...which is pretty much the perfect tshirt/tunic even if I do say so myself.

[DAY 3] The thing I missed most about only wearing Liz Alig clothing was jeans!!  But these were my two go twos...if you saw me this month I was probably wearing these pants.  Annabella Crop Pants and White T-Shirt (coming Spring 2018) with Lisbeth Cardigan - sorry this cardigan is from a while ago,but there are a few samples left here.  

[DAY 4] Dilsi Overalls with the same white T - yes I wear the same thing two days in a row paired with the Sloan Cardigan.

[DAY 5] Paired the Rossy Shirt with my favorite jumpsuit - unfortunately we are out of these right now, but they will be back next Spring.  

[DAY 6] The black Lexi Dress was perfect for a wedding I had this day.

[DAY 7] Surprise!  The Sarah Haram Pants again.  Paired them with the Rossy Shirt and Striped T available this Spring. 

[DAY 8]  It was 90 degrees this day, so yes I am wearing shorts (Ray Shorts Geo Print) in October paired with the France Sweater from this Fall.

[DAY 9]  The striped button down shirt is handwoven from recycled denim and coming next Spring paired with the Sarah Haram Pants.

[DAY 10] The Brittany Sweatshirt Dress I just discovered doing this - and it is my new favorite!  Pockets, perfect length, soft pima cotton paired with my go to Sloan Cardigan.  

[DAY 11] I finally had to pull out the leggings because it decided to be a little more like Fall temperatures. Pieced Leggings with the Florence Poncho and an organic cotton T from several years ago.

[DAY 12] This Blanket Scarf is perfect!  It is so warm without being itchy!  Paired it with my favorite Sarah Haram Pants and the Casey Top made from recycled t-shirts.  

[DAY 13] Next is the Dilsi Overalls as pants with a sweater that is coming this your tired of hearing that!

[DAY 14] Yep, I wore this outfit is the perfect lazy Sunday look!  

[DAY 15] Not sure why I am showing you my arm pit here...but this is the Rossy Shirt and Striped T coming this Spring paired with the Maggie Shorts - sorry we are out of these right now.

[DAY 16]  Wore the Rossy Shirt which by the way is super soft, comfortable and goes with pretty much anything!  Layered it with the white T from this Spring, the Lisa Skirt, and Sloan Cardigan

[DAY 17] Btw I took this Victoria Sweater to Spain for a couple of weeks and it was perfect!  Warm, with out being too bulky and easy to layer!  Wore it here with the Brittany Sweatshirt Dress and Pieced Leggings.

[DAY 18] Trying out a new print of the Dilsi Overalls for next Spring...I look a little like a ten year old here : )  Paired it with the hoody. 

[DAY 19]  Believe it or not I went to the pool on this day in October...trying out this new tunic for next Spring.  The fabric is made from handwoven recycled denim fibers!  Added the Sloan Cardigan to make it a little more Fallish.

[DAY 20] These capris I have had for a few years, but have never actually produced them.  We may need to make them for this Spring!  Wore them with the Casey TopTirsa Tank canoeing. 

[DAY 21] I really can't believe there are any of the Chevonne Shirt left!  It's such a good shirt - go snag one while you can.  Wore it with the Annabella Crop Pants.

[DAY 22]  I think I worked on my house this day...which is why I look a little high here and why I look a little like a bum: Casey Top with the Ray Shorts in Geo Print.

[DAY 23]  The Annabella Crop Pants became my 'jeans' go to this month and although they are not the same, they are pretty good.  Paired them here with the pima cotton T-shirt coming next Spring.

[DAY 24]  This sweater is from a few years ago - I have always loved it!  Wore it with the Brittany Sweatshirt Dress and Pieced Leggings  

[DAY 25]  The Annabella Crop Pants again, this time with the Cindy Top.

[DAY 26]  The Brittany Sweatshirt Dress again with the Pieced Leggings, and France Sweater which by the way is made out of Banana Fiber...kind of feels a little like linen.  This sweater was definitely one of my favorites last Fall when I was wearing all the samples.  

[DAY 27]  This is when I was really sick of this whole experiment and just wanted to wear jeans, but decided to wear the Dilsi Overalls and Victoria Sweater instead.  

[DAY 28]  I really needed change at this point and found this tunic/shirt that was a sample from a few years ago along with these leggings from El Salvador - I think I'm gonna bring both of these back for next Fall!  They also work well with the Florence Poncho.

[DAY 29]  Not sure what happened, but no one ordered this sweater for this year...I have a feeling you will see it around later though.  Wore it with the leggings and Tirsa Tank and added this Jacket from about 3 years ago...maybe we will bring these back to : )

[DAY 30]  Definitely wore these leggings about 3 days in a row plus the striped tunic and Sloan Cardigan.

[DAY 31]  Not sure why I didn't wear the Clara Tunic before now, but here it is with the Pieced Leggings.