Lately in the Studio...

As mentioned in some of our recent blog posts, the Interns and Liz have been working and developing designs for 

the  Liz Alig Spring 2015 Collection.

Some of the designs being developed vary from dresses to shirts and more fun spring clothing.  For some of the prints, 

we sometimes contact our collaboration organizations and they will make samples in their print for us to see. 

Another way we get prints and fabric is by reusing and recycling already made materials that we find.

Ari, one of the interns has been working on developing sizing and patters for the spring collection.  Our sizes vary from 

Small to Extra Large depending on the garment so several sizes have to be made.  Every pattern has to be altered to 

every size because they all have specific measurements to fit the body.

Above you can see the pattern for a bodice front and back with different sizes traced along the edges.  There's also a 

pattern for a band and Ari is also working on a new pattern for a new purse design.

--> Quick sketch of a Princess Line dress.

--> Sketch of dress that will be made out of --> 

These are just a few of the ideas that we are working on for the Liz Alig Spring 2015 Collection.  Even though the 

collection has started more than a year in advance, we still have much to do!  Sketches are just the beginning and it is 

an eventful process to get to the final garment.  Since it is a collection, I will keep the blog updated with more patterns 

and fabrics as we decide what will be developed.