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Honduras~Summer 2014

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Recently, Elizabeth just returned from a month long trip to Honduras and Haiti. Liz went to Honduras to check on our global partners, Mi Esperanza, the leader of the Honduras production line, and new ideas for new collections to come.

One of the main goals in Honduras was to work on patterns. The 'extra large' size has been added to the garments that are specifically made in Honduras so that the ladies can make bigger garments. Sizing patterns is not an easy task, it takes lots of time and patience. Every pattern has to be specifically moved just right so that the size turns out accurate and it fits well.

Along with fixing patterns for the garments in Honduras, Elizabeth and the ladies also did a lot of second-hand shopping for t-shirts. These t-shirts will be used to make special garments for the Fall 2015 collection. Some of the garments that are made in Honduras that are made of recycled t-shirts include our leggings, some tunics, and some cute shirts. For example, all of the shirts found in our Fall catalog are made from recycled t-shirts from Honduras. 

Here's a group picture of some of the ladies from Mi Esperanza and Jessica, Elizabeth's good friend.