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Haiti~ Summer 2014

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The trip to Haiti was to go check up on the production group and the work that they are doing.  Elizabeth also visited Haiti to talk about new ideas for upcoming collections.  Liz worked with the small group of women that make up or global partner in Haiti.  The group is made up of 50 women who will start a co-op group.  There is one sewing machine and the production site is located somewhere we would say 'in the middle of nowhere.' 

For the new upcoming designs for Liz Alig, we want the ladies to implement their hand embroidery skills into the design to make it more unique and attractive.  

Here's an example of what Haitian embroidery looks like on our chosen garments.  It is very simple and symmetrical just to add a little accent of detail to our Bridget Tunic.  Below that picture, there is also one of our models wearing the Stasia Skirt, which is made from recycled Khakis, also from Haiti.  

These two main garments were put in order for this fall and more samples of the Stasia skirt and the Bridget tunic should be here around September or October.  If these garments do well with our customers, we will make sure that they go in full production mode! 

Organizing the production line was also one of Elizabeth's task while she was there, in Haiti.  It is mandatory to have a well set-up production line so that every one can be productive, especially if the resources are limited, such as having only one sewing machine.  New designs were also introduced to our Nou Hope partners.  These designs were clothing designs, new apron designs and we are also expanding our jewelry accessories, so we gave them new designs and ideas for our upcoming jewelry collection.