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Goodwill Outlet-from Intern's Perspective

Posted by Sol Perez on

Last week, for the first time I got to experience what a Goodwill Outlet was like in Indianapolis, IN.  The experience was new for me but I enjoyed it.  Thrift shopping is fun!

There were many people in the building looking through all the bins very quickly.  We went there with a mission.  We had to find specific fabrics and specific garments.  A little after we got there, I noticed that the Goodwill staff were taking the bins away from the shoppers.  I realized that this was being done to go 'refill' them with more clothes and objects.  I kept moving down to other bins that were also being taken away, it took me several bins to realize what was happening.

As soon as the bins came out, people started to line up around the bins to start digging through.  I did not know that there were rules to shopping! All the new filled binds had to be lined up before anyone could start looking through them.  I did not know that, so a lady yelled at me! I felt like if she could have, she would have smacked my hand! 

After that incident, I found a great garment that was 100% silk.  I kept looking for more but I did not find any more.  As I approached Liz, she had a whooole cart full of goodies I missed out on.  I was impressed to see how much she had acquired while I was looking for one garment.  After that, it was time to check out by the pound, which I find awesome.

I really enjoyed going to the Goodwill Outlet.  For next time, I will bring gloves so I can look through the bins more quickly.  I will also gather more items than one, I was definitely shown how to do shopping at the Goodwill Outlet by Liz.