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Goel Community~Cambodia

Posted by Sol Perez on

Liz has been working with the Goel Community for a while now.  The Goel Community is a Christian based community development organization established in Cambodia.  Goel means "to deliver" or "to redeem."  This community provides economic opportunities to poor provincial villages in Cambodia.  This project started in 2006 by first reviving natural dye and weaving skills to young and sincere Cambodian students from the province of Takeo.  

There are about 7,000 families working in the traditional textile industry of Takeo, which is a precious tradition.  Years of war have destroyed their land and a quarter of the population along with its heritage.  Because of this, the Goel Community wants to revive the traditions and create jobs so that the Takeo community in Cambodia can sustain itself.  

Currently, the Goel Community provides naturally dyed yarn to more than 120 home based weaving families.  Since the start of the program, the community has seen changes in its people.  Men have stopped drinking and are more family-focused now and families are able to support their children's education so that the community progresses.

Since we are working on the Liz Alig 2015 Spring Collection, Liz has contacted the Goel Community for some help.  We are using a few samples from their dyed yarn.  Liz has sent the information and the ideas so that the Goel Community can come up with some samples.  Once that happens, the community of Takeo sends their samples, we like them, take them to trade shows, get some orders and send the orders back to Cambodia to be made! The whole process takes months in achieving, but it is definitely worth it! :)