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Fantastic Four - Celebrities Promoting Sustainable Fashion

Posted by June Allen on

Sustainability and social responsibility are finally being recognized as necessities by a lot of people and brands, and now celebrities are joining the cause as well! Whether they are wearing eco-friendly pieces on the red carpet or creating brands that do good, they are making a difference with their fan bases behind them and being inspired by them. Here are some of the top celebrity contenders in the sustainable fashion industry we are keeping an eye on!

Lauren Conrad began her success in the fashion industry with her clothing and bedding line LC Lauren Conrad at Kohl’s in 2009, but has not stopped there. She has since started online store The Little Market in 2013 with her friend Hannah Skvarla. The store features products from female artisans all over the world, and also centers on fair trade practices. As quoted on the store’s website, “We dreamed about creating an online marketplace that would allow us to support women artisans around the world.” The Little Market also focuses on empowering women by helping them escape from poverty and support their families with a living wage.


Emma Watson has now become one of the main faces for sustainable fashion, and she is not letting us down! For the past few years Watson has only worn outfits for her red carpet appearances that are made through sustainable practices as part of The Green Carpet Challenge. Her most famous sustainable look was probably at the 2016 Met Gala where she wore a Calvin Klein ensemble that was made from recycled plastic bottles, which took the media by storm. Since she has become a U.N. Women global ambassador, her caring and feminist reputation lends a lot of credibility to her sustainable practices. Now many women look up to her and want to join the fight for fair trade and eco-friendly fashion! Meanwhile, Watson does not just wear sustainable clothes, she creates them as well! She has teamed up with the brand People Tree to create a fashion line made through fair trade practices and upcycled fabrics.


One celebrity that is making moves in the sustainable fashion industry without much recognition is Olivia Wilde. The actress has started down the road of entrepreneurship and cofounded an organization called Conscious Commerce, which pairs non-profit organizations and charities with big brands and sustainable business models. The agency’s website claims its mission is “to integrate conscious consumerism into every commercial vertical”. This organization is also what led to Wilde being the face of H&M’s Conscious Exclusive collection as it helped create the line. This collection has gained a lot of publicity and features only sustainable materials, while also promoting the idea of stylish sustainability. Wilde said about the line, “I also hope the rest of the fashion industry is watching. I think this is how all fashion should be.”


Pharrell Williams is really focused on the eco-friendly part of sustainable fashion. He has been the creative director of Bionic Yarn for some time, which is a company that creates threads and fabrics from recycled plastic bottles. This led to a collaboration between Bionic Yarn and the company G-Star creating the G-Star RAW brand, of which Williams has since become a co-owner. G-Star RAW works with Bionic Yarn to create denim out of recycled plastic bottles that have been collected from oceans and shorelines. Williams has said, “G-Star is an independently minded and forward-thinking company. I believe they will be the definitive jeans brand of the 21st century. I am looking forward to be part of that mission and to co-create G-Star's future.”