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Elephants and Entrepreneurs

26th Feb 2015

We love the story behind our new Holyn Shirt coming this Spring!

This t-shirt was printed by Jonathan from Honduras. Last year Jonathan was among an estimated 100,000 kids and teens from Central America illegally trying to cross into the States. Most of these children were sent by their parents to get out of the extreme poverty and gang violence in their own countries. Like most of these teens, Jonathan witnessed horrific conditions on his journey. After being sent back to Honduras, Jonathan became the sole provider for his family because his mother is disabled. Jonathan saved up and bought a screen printing machine and is now printing t-shirts to support his family. We have known Jonathan for many years and love to support his new business!

Also, one of our brand representatives is passionate about raising awareness for the current crisis with elephant extinction. Last year 30,000 elephants were illegally poached. This number has increased drastically because of a new demand for ivory. We hope that when you wear the Holyn Shirt you will help spread the word about this issue.

Pre-Order the Holyn Shirt this week and get $5 off with code ELEPHANT.

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