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Doing Good in Central America

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I have had the opportunity to take several trips to Central America and have fallen in love with the people and different cultures there. I have also been struck by the poverty and the hard lives of most women. Liz Alig works with three different groups in Central America, each in their own way giving back to their communities, creating beautiful products, and giving women the skills needed to help them out of poverty - it has been a pleasure to support such amazing organizations.

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Mi Esperanza in Honduras

Mi Esperanza meaning 'my hope' in Honduras is where Liz Alig first started producing clothes. Their mantra is to help women help themselves. In order to achieve this goal, they offer computer, sewing and salon classes to women living outside of Tegucigalpa who do not have many opportunities or marketable skills. I have seen first hand the difference that these classes make for women - they now can support their families, send their kids to school, and have healthcare.

Guatemalan Culture

Guatemala has a rich culture. Part of this is their native traditional dress - most of the women in the country wear hand woven ikat skirts that have different pleats and folds depending on their origin. They also wear a loose fitting 'huipil' shirt. Some have elaborate embroidery and designs each stemming from their tribe. I found these traditions and dress very inspirational - you can buy your own hand woven, vegetable dyed huipil at Liz Alig it can be worn in the traditional way or as a scarf.

Garrobo Project in El Salvador

I have had the opportunity to work with the Garrobo Project in El Salvador to make sportswear type clothing from excess fabrics. I believe strongly in their mission, "to support the social and economic empowerment of underprivileged single mothers and/or young women through training, job skills, and marketing skills to enable them to have permanent employment or establish their own small business."

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