Bringing Back the 90's Style

Not sure if you all have heard, but the 90's style is back! It's been a while, so here is a little refresher of a few things that work again...

  • Denim everything! Denim skirts, denim dresses, denim pants, you get the picture.
  • Layer with a white t-shirt - better yet layer a spaghetti strap floral dress over a white T.
  • Pastels and Floral Dresses
  • I know that some of you have just gotten into the skinny jeans a few years ago, but the flared jeans are coming back. Grab a pair of high-waisted wide legged pants.
  • If you are not ready for wide legged pants, maybe some overalls?
  • Thank goodness the super short crop top isn't back, but a crop top with high-waisted pants showing a little skin is.
  • I can not bring myself to wear these again, but yes, the scrunchy is back!

If you haven't invested in a white t-shirt for this season, below is one of our favorites. It is made from really high quality pima cotton (which is an extra long cotton making it super soft and strong). Our Josefina T is then sewn by Augustina in Bolivia - a women who owns her own sewing workshop there. With the coupon below it is under $20!