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Books & Brews~

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Last Saturday the 28th of June, Liz Alig had a pop-up show at Books & Brews.  As the name mentions, the place was somewhere were people could come read, shop and of course, drink some beer.  

The show started around 4pm and there were a few other local stores there.  There were representatives from Stella & Dot, Jamberry and the Growler Girls from downtown Indianapolis.

It was a very fun experience to have as an intern because I had not done a pop-up show before.  When we first got to the store, we set up a rack and hung the Liz Alig merchandise.  The merchandise included dresses and skirts from Guatemala as well as dresses, bags and skirts from Ghana and shirts from Honduras.  The merchandise also included a few items from a recent shipment that arrived from India at the beginning of last week.  Seeing the new merchandise was very exciting and seeing people looking through it was even more thirlling.  

As the day went on, people came in and out and shopped and looked through everyone's merchandise.  Ladies were trying on dresses and shirts to make sure it all fit correctly.  A few items were sold and people were feeling great about their fair trade and sustainable purchases once we explained what Liz Alig was all about.  


Below are Natalie and Erica who were wearing ALL Liz Alig and looked so good! Natalie was lucky and got to choose this exclusive dress that had been displayed for the first time at the pop-up show from India.  Erica is wearing the Ray hand-blocked cotton shorts from India as well as the Hayde shirt, which was made in Honduras.    

It is always very exciting to see the result of hard work being appreciated.  It makes a person feel good when the hard work of so many women around the world can make a small difference in another woman's life by giving her the feeling of confidence and beauty through and exclusive piece of clothing.  <3