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Hand-printed Recycled Jersey Cotton!

It may be cold outside - but here at the Liz Alig studio, we're already getting excited for spring! We can't wait to shed our snow boots and put on some sweet frocks. Especially when we have some exciting new looks to try out. Through our partnership with Fairsew in Cambodia, we are producing hand-printed jersey [...]

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Honduras~Summer 2014

Recently, Elizabeth just returned from a month long trip to Honduras and Haiti. Liz went to Honduras to check on our global partners, Mi Esperanza, the leader of the Honduras production line, and new ideas for new collections to come.One of the main goals in Honduras was to work on patterns. The 'extra [...]

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Haiti~ Summer 2014

The trip to Haiti was to go check up on the production group and the work that they are doing.  Elizabeth also visited Haiti to talk about new ideas for upcoming collections.  Liz worked with the small group of women that make up or global partner in Haiti.  The group is made up of 50 [...]

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Where Am I Wearing~ Revised Edition

I recently finished reading Where Am I Wearing by Kelsey Timmerman.  The book was very inspiring an definitely eye-opening.  There are so many people around the world that work in the garment industry.  To us, they are invisible, but in reality they are very hard working people that risk leaving everything behind for a minimal [...]

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Nou Hope~

The founder and designer of Liz Alig, Elizabeth, is currently in Haiti.  She has been there the entire month working with the global partner that helps us make our clothes for inventory.  Nou Hope is the name of the global partner in the Central Plateau of Haiti that works towards empowerment of their own people. [...]

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Books & Brews~

Last Saturday the 28th of June, Liz Alig had a pop-up show at Books & Brews.  As the name mentions, the place was somewhere were people could come read, shop and of course, drink some beer.  The show started around 4pm and there were a few other local stores there.  There were representatives from Stella [...]

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Tie Skirt~

This week, I wanted to feature one of our fair trade items- the Tie Skirt. The Tie Skirt is made out of recycled materials such as the striped shirt below. These skirts are put together in Ghana by the Global Mamas, who also make many other garments for us. The Global Mamas are a non-profit organization [...]

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Lately in the Studio...

As mentioned in some of our recent blog posts, the Interns and Liz have been working and developing designs for the  Liz Alig Spring 2015 Collection.Some of the designs being developed vary from dresses to shirts and more fun spring clothing.  For some of the prints, we sometimes contact our collaboration organizations and they will make samples in their [...]

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The Cuff Clutch ~

The Cuff Clutch was one of the items shown at the recent trade shows.  It is a clutch made from recycled cuffs and collars.  The organization that we have partnered with called themselves the Global Mamas and they are located in Ghana.  Global Mamas is a non-profit organization that envisions women in Africa to be economically [...]

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INDIEana Handicraft Exchange

Saturday June 14, Liz Alig participated in the INDIEana Handicraft Exchange in Indianapolis. The event took place at the Harrison Center for the Arts and there were more than 100 vendors. They were all featuring contemporary hand-made goods.--------------> A potential customer Some of the clothes Liz Alig had at the trade show included skirts, [...]

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