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Last year I went to Mexico with my old boss, now friend, who has been going back and forth to Mexico for decades designing lace debutante dresses.

Together we went to the charming—slightly hippy town of Tepoztlan, Mexico, to stay with her friend who just so happened to be the woman who designed the poodle skirt...yes she randomly lives in Mexico, and yes she is pretty old!

I am not normally a person who gets star struck, but to spend a few days with this women—watching I Love Lucy, hearing her stories about the guys she had dated on the show, and helping her clean out her monstrous closet— was inspiring.

Most inspiring though was to see these two women’s relationship.

The fashion industry is a competitive place, so it was refreshing to see two fiercely independent people who had worked together for so long. To sit and listen to each of their uniquely rich lives—how they inspired each other’s work, traveled together, and kept each other going even after their factory in Mexico was destroyed—was beautiful.

Most people assume that Liz Alig is really only my own work. This could not be further from the truth. I only have the unique pleasure of connecting so many different people in order to support each other’s work and to celebrate the handcraft of women all around the world.

People like Lori who moved to Honduras and started an NGO giving free classes and micro loans to women so they could support their families. Or Augstina in Bolivia who sews our Pima cotton collection. She is eager to get more work so she can teach her neighbors how to sew to give them a job as well. Numerous young men and community leaders who selflessly translate for remote villages to give opportunities to their counterparts. And some of the sweetest young women who volunteer to help with menial tasks at our studio in the States. The list goes on and on—it is a pleasure to work beside the web of people who have a hand in the production of these clothes and through it support women around the world who have few opportunities.

This Spring Collection was inspired by my time in Mexico. I was inspired by their rich textiles, cotton striped ‘Manta’ fabric, and easy fits; but mostly I was inspired by the relationship of two elderly women. I was inspired to keep promoting the work of the amazing women we partner with around the world. Hope you enjoy! - Liz 


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