12 Things I learned This Summer

1. Do not ever get Dengue Fever!!!

2. I remembered why helping someone help themselves is more beneficial for them in the long run.

Women Sewing in Haiti

3. I forget how healing it can be to laugh.

4. How amazingly easy it is to communicate with out knowing someone's language; however, going to the doctor when you don't know their language is less successful.

5. I really love grass - being in a grey and dusty place makes you really appreciate green things.

Latvian Waterfall

6. I can not sit at a trade show booth for more than five days straight - I become crazy.


7. I learned a lot about people when I mention I am losing my hair...don't worry I am not bald.

8. I realized for the first time that my company might actually work.

9. Slow down - even when you think you can't.

10. Strange how people's reactions differ when you say 'I am going to Haiti' versus 'I am going to Switzerland'.

11. Sleeping in 16 different places in a month may be too many.

12. Giving is what love really is. Receiving is just as important although sometimes more difficult.